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About Our Minders
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** All our Minders are experienced dog lovers that will have your dog inside and treated as part of the family.

** Some of the Minders have dogs of their own, while others don't currently own a dog.

** We know and trust all the Minders, they will take great care with your dog.

** Our Minders are required to walk your dog every day at no extra charge and know the importance a walk can make in a dogs life.

** The Minders are only too happy to follow your dogs normal feeding routine.

** The Minders can administer any medication your dogs require at no extra charge!

** We have checked all our Minders homes to ensure their backyards are fully fenced, safe and secure.

** You meet with the Minder before you go away to ensure you are completely comfortable with where your dog will be staying.

...and remember - the Minder's home is actually YOUR dog's home away from home !!

Phone: 1800 867 364


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