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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these answer some of the questions you may have about our service but please feel free to call us if you have any other questions or concerns.

Q . Do you check the Minders homes and qualifications?
A . Yes, we go out to meet with all potential minders in their home to ensure they met with our high standard of quality and care. They also have to agree in writing that they will care for your dog in accordance with our strict policy and procedures. All our minders are of course experienced dog lovers but we also provide on going support and send regular information on, dog behaviour, dog first aid and general dog care.

Q . Will my dog be allowed inside?
A . Absolutely, it is what we are all about. Your dog will be inside and treated as part of the family.

Q . Do you have a minimum number of days?
A . No, we dont have a minimum number of days, even in peak periods.

Q . Will my dog be walked?
A . Yes, our Minders are required to walk your dog daily and they understand the importance of a daily walk.

Q . Do I get to meet the Minder before my dogs stay?
A. Yes, in fact we insist upon it. It is very important you feel comfortable with the Minder we have selected for you and that the Minder feels confident that they will be able to care for your dog. Normally, we get it right the first time, however, once you have met with the Minder and you just don't feel they are right for your dog, please let us know and we will organise another Minder for you to visit.

Q. Will the booking fee be refunded if you can't organise a suitable Minder for my dog?
A. Yes, in the unlikely event that we cannot organise a suitable Minder, your booking fee is fully refunded.

Q. Does the booking fee come off the cost of my booking?
A. Yes, the booking fee you pay is deducted from the total cost of your booking.

Q. What if I need to cancel my booking?
A. If you cancel prior to 14 working days of the start of your booking, you will get a refund of all money paid with the exception of the booking fee. If you cancel within 14 working days of the start of your booking no refund will be given. We do however understand that circumstances beyond your control can occur so we do assess any request individually and we may be able to offer you a credit towards a future booking.

Q. What if my dog is a diabetic & requires daily injections?
A. We do have a few Minders that are qualified to give these injections but please try and book as early as possible to ensure we can organise one of these Minders for you.

Q. Does my dog have to be vaccinated?
A. Yes, it is a government requirement that all dogs must have a current vaccinated certificate and be wormed before their stay with our Minders.

Q. Does my dog have to be using a flea treatment?
A. Yes, all dogs that stay with our Minders must use a recognised flea treatment, like Frontline etc. This does not mean we think your dog has fleas but as fleas can be picked up any where we want to ensure our Minders homes remain flea free. This also ensures your dog comes home flea free.

Q. What if the Minder is having trouble with my dog or the Minder gets sick during their stay and can't care for my dog?
A. We are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week for any problems the Minders may be having. We always have Minders on standby who will be able to take over the care of your dog should a Minder become incapable of caring for your dog.

Q. Will I be contacted if there is a problem with my dog while we are away?
A. For any minor problems we prefer not to bother you while you are away but if we need to move your dog to another Minder or if they have any major health problems, we will contact you or your nominated emergency contact.

Q. Do you provide the food for my dog?
A. No, you bring your dogs normal food and treats. This ensures there is no change to your dogs diet and so prevents tummy upsets. The Minders are only too willing to heat up, freeze and defrost any perishable foods.

Q. What else do I need to bring?
A. Your dogs bowl, bed, toys, medication, collar and lead. You can also bring anything else you think your dog will require for their stay.

Q. What happens if my dog escapes from the Minders home?
A. Prevention is always best and all our Minders homes have been checked for security. You also inspect the Minders property when you visit them before your dogs stay. However, we are prepared if a determined dog should scale over a fence or dig under a fence. We have solid procedures and reporting in place so in the unlikely event of a lost dog we will do all in our power to get them back safe & sound.

Q. What if my dog gets sick during their stay?
A. If your Minder feels that your dog is not well, they will call us first to discuss the problem. We will assess the situation and decide if your dog needs to go to the vet based on the information provided by the Minder. If it is decided that it is in the dogs best interest to receive vet care, the Minder will take them to your vet and we will let you or your nominated emergency contact know. If it is an emergency then the Minder will get your dog to the closest vet and report the incident to us as soon as possible. We will then contact you or your nominated emergency contact ASAP.

What next?
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